Kayak Sales

To purchase or check out one of our Crescent kayaks, contact us at the link below.

Crescent Litetackle

The crescent litetackle is the best equipped fishing kayak on the market. It’s design fits all the features you need while still maintaining a clean finish. It’s open floor layout makes casting and paddling a breeze, and there’s plenty of storage to fit everything you need.

Crescent CK1 venture

The CK1 has a customizable platform that you can use to fit your exact paddling needs. It can take on any type of waterway that you throw at it and is ready for your next adventure.

Crescent ultralite

The cresecent ultralite is focused on a more compact design which makes it easily transportable and more maneuvarable through smaller waterways. However, it’s smaller design doesn’t trade any performance quality thanks to crescent’s patented and highly engineered hull system. 

Crescent SUP+

This kayak-paddleboard hybrid combines both the large open deck space of a paddleboard and the  superior paddling performance of a kayak. It’s stability and design makes it the perfect mix of a paddleboard, kayak, and fishing rig all in one. 

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